Sales Class - How to Sell Products: My Personal Journey

From April to May, I had the privilege of attending a sales workshop that changed the way I approach business

Stepan Mocjak Executive director
published 3 weeks ago

As a Pilsen-based company, Guava, we often attend local business events. One event that stood out to me was BICBeat, hosted by the Business Innovation Centre (BIC). It was at this event that I learned about the BIC Sales Class—a series of workshops aimed at helping companies like ours improve their B2B sales.

Discovering the Sales Class

The Sales Class was a program that consisted of six full-day workshops with individual consultations in between. This program was designed for companies with B2B products, but it was flexible enough to accommodate different needs. Our instructors, David Šmat and Roman Klement from SalesUp, along with Zbyněk Doležal from BIC, brought a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the table.

Getting Started

Getting into the program wasn't just a walk in the park. There was an admission process that ensured participants were serious about learning and growing. I have to admit, I went into it without a clear product to focus on, representing Guava, a software development agency. This turned out to be a bit of a stumbling block at first. The instructors advised me to choose a specific project to work on throughout the course. Once I did that, everything started to click into place, making the entire experience much more manageable and relevant.

The Learning Experience

The workshops were intense and packed with information. Each session covered essential aspects of sales, from understanding clients and people’s different personalities to generating leads. building trust and concluding the contract. Here are a few things we focused on:

  • Understanding Clients: Learning how to profile and meet the needs of potential clients.
  • People Typology: Understanding different personality types and how to effectively communicate with them.
  • Lead Generation: Techniques for identifying and nurturing potential leads.
  • Building Trust: Developing and maintaining trust with clients for long-term relationships.

Between workshops, we had homework to complete, which helped reinforce what we learned. Applying these new strategies right away was incredibly beneficial, not just for our own products but also for our clients' projects.

Final Thoughts

If you have a company and want to improve your B2B sales, I highly recommend the BIC Sales Class. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out, this program offers practical insights that can really make a difference. For me, it was a significant step forward, both professionally and personally. The friendships and knowledge I gained have been invaluable, and I look forward to using these new skills to help Guava and our clients grow and succeed.

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