InovojumePlzeň festival 2024, the aftermath

Our first public event is over! It was a success, we met a lot of great people and of course, our smart mirror broke...

Lukas Frey Executive director
published 2 days ago

This weekend from 7. 6. - 8. 6. 2024 we had the opportunity to participate in the #InovujemePlzeň festival 2024 at TechTower.

It was our first public event where we attended as an exhibitor, so as you can imagine we were quite excited and a bit nervous at first. Even more so when the display of our smart mirror prototype that we were preparing to present broke first thing in the morning, just a few minutes before the event started! Luckily we managed to fix it just in time with an old mobile phone and some duct tape. On the bright side, at least we had a good story to tell our visitors! 

An old phone and some duct tape... Almost as new
Our smart mirror still managed to catch the eye of a lot of curious guests, who were interested in the prototype and our work.

In addition to our smart mirror prototype, we also presented a lot of our  client work, gave away a lot of snacks and, in honor of our brand name, even a guava drink, that people seemed to love!

All in all, the event was a success, we're happy about all the new friendly faces we met and can't wait for next year!

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